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New media without borders

Studio Île Pariseau's specializes in the creation of new media. Creativity and originality, combined with its technological expertise, allows the Studio to achieve results of the highest quality. We guide our clients through the labyrinth of the new media world. Studio Île Pariseau creates computer games, animations, websites and audio productions with an astonishing level of realism.


From desktop to mobile game development, Studio Ile Pariseau also develops Augmented and Virtual Reality games. We keep abreast of the latest gaming technology: Android, iOS, Unity, Vuforia (AR), Oculus (VR).

  • Development of the story
  • Game Logic & Game Controller
  • Avatars and accessories
  • Set Design & Animations
  • Sound effects / soundtracks
  • Music
  • Publication
indie games builder


With the realistic rendering of high quality images, Studio Île Pariseau creates stunning animations that can enhance the visual level of presentations, wether it’s for a corporate presentation or TV commercial.

  • Storyboard
  • Set Design
  • Avatars and accessories
  • Animation
  • Sound effects / soundtracks
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Publication
Web Design

Web Sites

The Studio creates web sites for individuals and businesses, concept to completion. Studio Île Pariseau builds customized websites that stand out from the crowd, conduct interactive surveys, run e-commerce, and are search engine optimized.

  • Site Design
  • Image Preparation
  • Coding & Publishing
  • Websites in multiple languages
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Hosting

Audio Production

Studio Île Pariseau offers a full range of audio recording services including the production of high quailty original soundtracks with tight video synchronization.

Studio Île Pariseau produces audio that will get you noticed!

Audio Production

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